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Incubating Crocodilian Eggs

Become a qualified crocodilian egg technician!

If you are involved in incubating crocodilian eggs, this course is ideal for you! You may also qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you have been doing this a while! 

This course will take you through the process of embryo development and steps that can reduce embryo mortality and enhance post-hatching performance. Download the course guide here.

There is over 2 hours of course content divided into the following modules:

1. Introduction

2a. Work, health and safety & Biosecurity

2b. Egg processing for incubation

3. The incubator

3a. Incubation temperature

3b. Incubation humidity

3c. Incubator gas exchange

3d. Incubator lighting

4a. Incubator and embryo health 

4b. Embryo staging and risk factors

5. Tutorial using CrocInc - incubation management tool

As this is an accreditation course, there are assessments to submit including:

  • Knowledge questions (multiple choice/short answer)
  • Tutorial questions (short answer)
  • Practical observations of egg processing, incubator checks and egg health checks.

If you believe you qualify for Recognised Prior Learning, please get in contact with the CrocAcademy to discuss your options.

There are also ADDITIONAL resources including:

  • Data collection templates;
  • Estimating hatching date tool; and
  • Access to CrocInc - incubation management tool.

Course duration is 12 months from date of enrolment

This course is intended for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY and limited to a single-user license. Corporate subscriptions are available. Contact the CrocAcademy for more details.

Issuance of the "Certificate of Competency" is not transferable and limited to one per purchase.

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