It is only when we understand, and know to question, the “why” we do something – and not just the “how” – that we reach our true and optimal potential!

- Sally Isberg, Founder & General Manager Crocodilian Academy

Why CrocAcademy?

Crocodilian Academy has been developed to fill a training and knowledge gap in the crocodilian industry including farms, zoos, tourism operations, wildlife rangers and private operations.

While most organisations have developed their own protocols and procedures, much of the personnel training relies on the "how" and not the "why".

The courses offered by CrocAcademy fill this gap by enabling personnel with the knowledge to actively contribute to the progression of crocodilian welfare standards, personal and work safety, efficient procedures and, ultimately, the economic sustainability required by the crocodilian industry as a whole, whilst also meeting corporate social responsibilities.

Meet your trainer


Associate Professor Sally Isberg, the principal trainer, founder and director of Crocodilian Academy, has been working in the global crocodilian industry for over 25 years.

During this time, Sally has worked with zoos, tourist facilities and producers to develop and implement improvements to crocodilian production, health, welfare and skin quality. Through these experiences, along with both management and staff, Sally has develop training practices and a deep understanding of the processes required to  achieve optimal health, welfare and production.

Early in 2022, Sally graduated with her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from the Australian Institute of Management. This credential allows Sally to design and deliver recognised training units under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) framework.

Sally also runs the Centre for Crocodile Research which will continue to be the consultancy and research arm of the business.


CrocAcademy Units


Units are being developed using the Certificate III “Working with Crocodiles” units. However, they are initially being delivered as non-accredited courses until the Crocodilian Academy becomes an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Due to the regulations surrounding registration, RTO status will be sought after a suitable number of units have been developed.  

What does this mean for you? 

The courses are being designed by a certified trainer and assessor, using the elements, performance and knowledge evidence criteria, foundation skills and assessment conditions stipulated from the Certificate III units. The main difference at this stage is, upon completion of a course, you will be issued with a “Certificate of Completion” or “Certificate of Participation” depending on the type of course you are enrolled in. Once RTO status has been achieved, you may be eligible for conversion to a “Statement of Attainment” which can then be used towards  completing the full Certificate III qualification (Working with Crocodiles). 


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